PsyNeu offers evidence-based treatments for many conditions present in the modern world. Keeping your mental health and wellbeing in mind, we tailor our therapeutic services to match your unique needs.


How we provide our services depends on what works best for you: 



  • We work across the lifespan from children to older adults. 


  • Standard sessions are 60 minutes with flexibility for longer or shorter times.


  • Services can be weekly, fortnightly or any other time frame that works best.

Virtual or In-person

  • Services can take place through our secure and confidential online platform either as a complement to face to face sessions or for the entire course of treatment.

GP and other Healthcare Liaison and Consultation

  • PsyNeu is keen on developing close working relationships with GP's and other healthcare professionals to assist you in achieving optimal wellbeing. We have extensive experience consulting with GP's and other health professionals (e.g. physiotherapists, clinical dieticians etc.) on a range of psychological presentations, medical conditions and the management of complex mental health needs.