Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Neuroscientist


Dr Berkeley works with all ages to support growth, build resilience and enhance overall wellbeing. She prioritises developing a genuine, respectful and collaborative relationship with clients using evidence-based therapies to address an individual’s unique symptoms, goals and preferences while also ensuring clients have the tools needed to thrive in the long term.


Dr Berkeley’s clinical training and professional experiences in the U.K. and Bermuda include the National Hospital of Neurology & Neurosurgery, general hospitals, inpatient psychiatric care, neurorehabilitation, child and adolescent mental health, forensic services, private practice and community settings.


Professional Affiliations: The British Psychological Society, The Science Council, British Neuroscience Association, Registered Health and Care Professions Council (PYL36798), Bermuda Health Council, Register of Psychological Practitioners (73).


PsyNeu Mission

The mission of PsyNeu is to normalise psychological support by creating awareness around the mind-brain-body-behaviour connection. PsyNeu has a core value of collaboration and is keen to work with other professions/organisations for the purpose of achieving community emotional, psychological and cognitive wellness.